’16 and Pregnant’ Star Danielle Cunningham Has a Near Death Experience!

’16 and Pregnant’ star Danielle Cunningham took to her Facebook page this week to retell a terrifying event. The Ohio native says that she nearly died on Sunday night after going in to a coma like state, which halted her breathing.

“I experienced a VERY tragic thing last night. I passed out and quit responding and was in coma condition, and even stopped breathing and turned blue. my best friends & boyfriend rushed me to the hospital. I was completely blue and not breathing. The doctors put tubes down my throat and oxygen into lungs. They said that if I would of waited even 15 more minutes I would be brain dead right now or dead. I had a lot of people there for me. love you all,” Danielle posted on Facebook.

Very scary! But thankfully, Jaime Jr.’s mom seems to be doing fine now!

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