’16 and Pregnant’ Couple Split! — Are you Surprised?

’16 and Pregnant’ fans watched season 4 in awe of some of the irresponsible baby daddies! However, one couple stood out as being extremely mature, and focused on parenting their child as a team. (No, it’s not Katie Yeager and baby daddy Joey, although they were also a mature couple!)

Hope Harbert and her boyfriend Ben surprised viewers with their mature attitude towards life and parenting, and their drive to stay together as a couple. However, the pair have since split.

“Ben and I broke up and he moved in with his sister today! I don’t really know if I’m happy or sad. It is the best for Tristan,” Hope tweeted.

Being a teen parent is hard, and maintaining a relationship with your child’s other parent is even harder! It looks like another ’16 and Pregnant’ couple bites the dust!


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