Dalis Connell’s Mother Given 10 Months to Live

‘Teen Mom’ star Dalis Connell received heartbreaking news this week, as doctors told her mother, who has been suffering from stage 3 cancer, that she only 10 months to live.

“They gave my mom 10 months to live,” Dalis tweeted after hearing the news. “Life is so short.. appreciate the people you love! Don’t take them for granted.”

This is terrible news for Dalis, and fans have been sending her love, prayers, and positive thoughts for weeks. On September 15, Dalis and Ryan Edwards left for California to see Dalis’ mother in the hospital.

Cancer touches so many people’s lives, and many can sympathize with Connell’s situation. If you’d like to send Dalis your love and prayers you can do so on Twitter @DalisPaige. Haters need not bother.