Kyle Talks About Marrying Maci, Answers Other Fan Questions

‘Teen Mom’ fans have come to love Maci Bookout’s boyfriend, Kyle King. He’s loyal, supportive, and great with her son, Bentley. So…when Kyle decided to answer a few fan questions there were no shortage of tweets!

Here’s what Kyle decided to reveal about his life, Maci, and Bentley:

1.) Q: Are you going to marry Maci? A: If i married anyone it be her.
2.) Q: Where did you meet Maci? A: Lazy River…. Georgia
3.) Q: What kind of job do you have? A: Flip houses
4.) Q: What is your favorite movie? A: Friday
5.) Q: Do you think of Bentley as your own son? A: Nah just try guide him best I know how if needed.
6.) Q: Are you [and Maci] still together? A: Yes
7.) Q: Are you guys engaged and do you think you’ll ever come to PA? A: Nope and maybe.
8.) Q: What was like having cameras film you 24/7? A: Hard sometimes!
9.) Q: Are you a Steelers fan? A: Yupp!
10.) Q: Did you really cheat on her? A: No
11.) Q: Do you plan on having any kids? A: Some day!

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