Kailyn Accused Of Smoking Marijuana Throughout Pregnancy – Find Out What She Had to Say!

‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry has been accused of smoking pot while pregnant with her son, Isaac. The MTV star denies these rumors, which were unfortunately started by the father of her son, Jo Rivera.

Jo says that Kail did smoke pot while pregnant, a story that OK! Magazine later blew up into an article.

Kailyn is “freaking out. She comes across as a real Goody Two-shoes, but she’s got her wild past,” a source allegedly told the magazine.

Of course, Kail was furious about the write up, and took to her Twitter account to answer back.

“OK! Magazine: I DID NOT smoke pot throughout my pregnancy. You guys are EXTREMELY F—ED UP for writing that. Lie about something else,” she said.

Later, Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, chimed in. “In Kail’s defense she did not smoke throughout her ENTIRE pregnancy,” he said. We may have both made mistakes but at least we had the brains and will to change our course before we crashed. And for that I salute her,” Jo added.

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