Jenelle Explains Her Relationship With James Duffy

Have you ever wondered why ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ former boss, James Duffy, has personal information, and nude photos of her?

Well, now Jenelle is explaining just how she and Duffy are connected, and why she says he’s obsessed with her. Check out what Jenelle wrote on her blog:

“Everyone is probably wondering who is this James Duffy character and why is he constantly harassing me. Here is the truth to the entire story. I’m sick of explaining it so I figure since I can have it on here, everyone can just refer back to this blog.

A year ago in September of 2011 I got a friend request on Facebook from James Duffy. He looked very old in his profile picture but I figured since most of the girls on my friends list was friends with him, I’d add him too. Once I added him I started looking at his page/profile and seen that he worked making guitar necks and sold them on Ebay.

He posted that he was looking for a personal assistant one day and I figured why not ask him for a job since I’m at home bored all day. I messaged him asking for the position and he told me that I can have it and we should meet at his house the next day for dinner to discuss everything. I was very nervous going over there because I’ve never met him, he was friends with all my younger girls on my Facebook, and had lots of pictures with different girls that weren’t his age. Myself feeling so uncomfortable I definitely asked my roommate at the time, Amber, to come with me to the dinner. She agreed to come and thought it would be best because she didn’t trust him either.

At dinner he explained to me I would be answering his Ebay emails and reporting back to them on their status of the guitar neck(s). Then once the guitars were finished I would pack them and ship them for him. He told me he didn’t date anyone over the age of 25 and that he doesn’t drive his car anywhere because he claimed he “worked too much to be driving”. All this information was very weird, but I kept my guard up while working for him a gave it a shot.

I worked for him for 2 weeks and then he asked me if I would ever date an older man. I told him I would NEVER date an older man and asked him why and his response was that he was “just wondering”. Well… then around November of 2011 Duffy invited me and my friend at the time, Tori, to his house for dinner and drinks. I said yes as long as Tori was able to go with me because I wasn’t going alone. He agreed and we headed over there.

Once we got there I seen and met two other girls named Hannah and Jeri. They were both my age and Duffy told me, “Yeah they just moved in here last night. They both are having problems with their families.” I thought this was extremely weird but I was like whatever. We ended up drinking over there and that’s when Duffy started taking pictures of me and my friend Tori. He promised me that I could have the photos and he wouldn’t sell them.

Tori and I stayed in his spare bedroom that night and Duffy was mad and almost kicked out everyone because “no one would go to sleep with HIM”. The next day I worked and started becoming really good friends with Hannah. That same day Duffy invited me and Tori back over for dinner with Jeri and Hannah. We agreed and went. He made spaghetti with a meat sauce. When all of the girls went to sit down at the table to eat, he had the food on the plates already and on the dinner table.

We all sat down to eat and when Duffy came back into the room he said “Uhhh, no all of you aren’t sitting in the right spots. Tori goes there, Jenelle there, and Hannah over there!” I asked him why it mattered and he said “I guess it doesn’t matter.” After eating a couple of bites Duffy went in his room and passed on his bed and Tori, Hannah, and I ran to the bathroom and ALL started to throw up what we just ate! After this happening we were all extremely worried and scared he poisoned us ! Then we all decided to go back to my house.

When Duffy asked us the next day why we left we all claimed that we were all sick from his food and wanted to have a girls night. Then he texted me and said “If you don’t have sex with me, or date me… I don’t want you working for me anymore!” I said “F–K OFF.” And then cut him from my life.

Hannah ended up moving in with me and then Jeri moved back to her hometown a couple hours away. Ever since that happened… Duffy has been out to try and ruin my life! He has sold numerous of stories about me and still spreading rumors and lies. He is STILL posting the SAME pictures from the night me and Tori went there and got drunk with the alcohol HE provided US and two of the girls at his house that night were UNDER the age of 18 at the time. After I stopped working for him I had lots of different girls message me on my Facebook telling me that Duffy did the same exact situation to them and they also stopped working for him. They told me to be careful and watch out for him because he tries to ruin the girls’ lives that he can’t have.

So basically TO THIS DAY this old sick f–k is still trying to ruin my life. It isn’t working and whatever he is trying to accomplish he will never succeed, I promise everyone that. If I can get through THIS in my life, you guys can conquer anything your life throws at you.”

WOW….what a story!

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