Jenelle and Kieffer Split — For Good This Time?

‘Teen Mom’ couple Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp have split again. Both Kieffer and Jenelle have revealed that they’re over for good, but fans know that can quickly change when it comes to the pair.

Jenelle first hinted at trouble when she tweeted that she tried to do something to help Kieffer realize something, but it backfired. She has not given any further details. However, on Wednesday she did say that the gossip was true, and that she and Delp were done for good.

Meanwhile, Kieffer has allegedly threatened to release even more racy photos of Jenelle. (Fans may remember he sold nude photos of her earlier this year.)

The break up comes at a bad time for Jenelle, who is currently battling her mother to see her son, Jace, and is heartbroken because she hasn’t seen him in weeks.


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