Jenelle and Kieffer Moving to New Jersey! — What About Jace?

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her on again, off again, boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, are moving to New Jersey. Jenelle and Kieffer, who recently split up, and later got back together, revealed their plans for a move over the weekend.

Evans said that she and Delp were apartment hunting, and someone asked if they were looking to move to New Jersey, where they are currently visiting Kieffer’s friends and family.

So, now that Jenelle has decided to move, what about her son, Jace, who lives in North Carolina with his grandmother, Barbara.

Jenelle has been saying she wants to regain custody of Jace, but if she moves, it may be harder for her, and visiting Jace will also become a problem if she’s out of state.

It should be interesting to see what happens, and how Jenelle works this out.