Chelsea Goes Under the Knife — Again!

‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska just can’t catch a break when it comes to her bum knee. The MTV star went under the knife for a third time this week to repair her damaged ACL, which she injured years ago.

Fans watched her recover from her second surgery during season 2 of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and remember the scene where she called ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, to help take care of Aubree, which he did after calling her a “little bastard.”

Fans, and Chelsea, were livid about his attempt at a joke, and it didn’t get any better when Adam took off with Aubree, and wouldn’t answer Chelsea’s telephone calls.

When Adam finally brought the toddler back, he left her alone with Chelsea, who could barely move due to her recently repaired knee. Hopefully, things go much more smoothly for Ms. Houska this time, and she calls Papa Radalicious for babysitting duty.


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