Photo of Catelynn Lowell Smoking from a Bong Surfaces

‘Teen Mom’ fans love Catelynn Lowell and her fiance Tyler Baltierra. In fact, the couple is considered one of the most responsible, and smartest, of the show’s cast.

However, this week a photo of Catelynn smoking what appears to be marijuana from a bong has surfaced on TMZ, leaving fans wondering why Lowell would do such a thing when she’s personally seen what substance abuse can lead to.

Fans are torn about this photo, and are likely disappointed in Catelynn, who is only human, and does make mistakes. The picture was reportedly taken at Catelynn’s friends house in Michigan over the Summer.

Lowell’s manager told TMZ: “Like many other young adults, Catelynn, at times, struggles with making the best decisions for her health and career. As her manager, I have strongly advised her to exercise good judgment at all times. She must learn from her mistakes. This will serve as a teachable moment in her development as a young woman.”

What do you think Brandon and Teresa will think after seeing this photo?