Chelsea Houska’s Newest Drama With Adam Revealed

‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska can never seem to escape the baby daddy drama with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

Recently, Chelsea had a long awaited night out on the town with her closest friends to celebrate her 21st birthday, and of course, Adam had something to say about it.

“Idiot whose name won’t be mentioned calls my daughter names because she went out on her 21st birthday,” Chelsea’s dad, Randy tweeted, adding the hashtag #stillnoclass.

Fans who follow Randy, or “PapaRandilicious” know that he does not like to use Adam’s name, and often playfully scolds followers who do.

So, it seems that Adam was not happy about Chelsea celebrating her 21st birthday. Yet, it seems Adam is no stranger to partying himself. Earlier this year he was arrested for DUI, which Chelsea bailed him out from.

Double standards…..?

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