New Report: How Much Money are the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Making?

The ‘Teen Mom’ salaries have been a hot topic for years. Everyone wants to know how much money the girls are making, but no concrete report has ever been revealed.

Rumors have been flying for months that Jenelle is making tens of thousands per episode, and that Leah made bank off of her wedding. However, nothing’s ever been confirmed.

According to a new report by Celebuzz, the girls are making about $60,000 per season. Meanwhile an alleged former camera man recently revealed that the ladies also get bonuses when ratings are high.

So, if this latest report is true, that means Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelynn all made at least $240,000 in the four seasons they spent with MTV. This doesn’t count any interviews or photos they may have been paid for.

However, Last year, in court documents, Amber Portwood revealed that she was earning $140,000 per season, or $280,000 per year. Do different moms make different amounts? This is definitely an interesting topic.