Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: The New Faces of Adoption

Long gone are the days when a pregnant teenage girl would be pressured into marriage, or worse, sent away to a long lost relative’s home only to return 9 months later, with no baby, and a huge secret.

Things are changing, and fast. Young pregnant women have options today that were not available to them in recent years. Young mothers don’t have to live in fear or shame of their decision to choose to parent, or place their child up for adoption.

While adoption agencies are more popular than many would realize, young girls are deciding to choose adoption more. However, they need to be educated about the subject.

Enter “Teen Mom” couple Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The longtime love birds from the hit MTV show have forced adoption into the spotlight, and done so in a positive way.

Teenagers, and other young women, who have watched “Teen Mom” know that while placing their daughter, Carly, up for adoption wasn’t easy for Catelynn and Tyler, it is a choice they are proud of, and encourage others to explore as well.

As Lowell works her way through college to become an adoption counselor, she’s already helping young girls everywhere come to terms with their adoption decisions, and has spoken everywhere from schools and retreats, to the hospital bedside of a laboring mother.

While the other “Teen Mom” stars are highlighting other serious issues of being a young parent, (sex, relationships, custody battles, finances, co-parenting, substance abuse, ect…) Catelynn and Tyler have shown the world that they made the right decision, and that placing a child for adoption can be a positive experience.

Hopefully, other young pregnant women who chose not to parent will educate themselves on the issue of adoption as well, and learn that it is a commendable choice to make.

Catelynn and Tyler are planning to get married next Summer.

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