The Reason Maci and Kyle Got Back Together

‘Teen Mom’ fans were happy to hear that fan favorite couple, Maci Bookout and Kyle King had gotten back together after a 6-month break up.

Now, the reason behind their decision to give it another try is being revealed, and it has a lot to do with Maci’s son, Bentley.

“They started hooking up again in May, right after Maci broke up with Kyle Regal,” said one insider. “They started out doing things with Bentley, like mini gold, movie night, and dinner at the house. Then it progressed back to sleepovers when it became late,” added another source.

Kyle’s love for Bentley and reliability made Maci realize that he was the man for her. “They both are adamant that you can dump a person, but you don’t break up with their kid,” said the source.

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