Maci Wants Dalis and Ryan to End Up Together!

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout says she likes Ryan Edwards girlfriend, Dalis Connell, and hopes that the two end up together.

“I’m a fan of her — she’s a really good girl. She’s responsible and really good with Bentley. I know [she and Ryan are] on and off a little bit and that’s aggravating because I don’t know what Bentley’s exposed to, but besides that, I’m rooting for her. I hope Ryan doesn’t screw this up,” Maci told Us Weekly.

It seems that Maci genuinely likes Dalis, and is hoping the couple are in it for the long haul. Bentley also seems to enjoy Dalis’ company.

So, hopefully, Maci and Kyle and Ryan and Dalis can all get along, and raise Bentley in a happy, healthy environment.



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