Maci Bookout Spin Off Coming Soon?!

Will ‘Teen Mom’ fans get an extra dose of Maci Bookout and little Bentley? Maci recently revealed that she’d love to do a spin off for the fans, who so love watching Bentley learn and grow, but that she isn’t sure because she’s worried for her son’s privacy as he grows older.

Before the series finale of ‘Teen Mom,’ one of Maci’s friends told fans that it wouldn’t be the last they saw of Maci and Bentley, which Maci liked so much, she decided to retweet.

However, if Maci does decide to do a spin off, it might be absent someone important…..Bentley’s father Ryan! Recently Ryan took to his own Twitter account to reveal his dislike for MTV’s editing tricks, saying they did a “sh—y job” in portraying his girlfriend and family.

Only time will tell if Maci and Bentley will be back on our television screens, but fans are hoping that the young mom does decide to keep telling her story, and sharing her adorable son with fans who love him everywhere.

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