Jenelle Evans Speaks Out on Her Relationship With Mom, Getting Custody of Jace

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans recently wrote an emotional blog post on her officially website, which detailed her feelings on her relationship with her mother, Barbara, and her hopes of getting custody of her son, Jace, back.

Here’s what Jenelle had to say about the situation:

“I’m so upset with my mom. Everyone always claims I don’t try hard enough when it comes to me spending time with Jace, you’re wrong! I just called her this morning 8 times before she actually answered and she said that Jace had a surgery yesterday and I can’t spend time with him again until FRIDAY. He had a surgery and you couldn’t even tell me so if something went wrong during the surgery I wouldn’t be there?! Thanks a lot.

This makes me feel so much better due to the fact that I was at the hospital for half the day and my own mother wouldn’t call me back yesterday and I left a voice mail stating I was in the hospital. What a great mother. I mean she might of taken care of me and my siblings all my life… but now that she’s almost 60 years old and the new generation is about to arise, she thinks she can handle it. She def. can’t and won’t be able to take care of Jace for much longer due to the fact she has the disease osteoporosis which is your bones getting extremely brittle and they are very easy to break.

My grandmother had this and would simply tap her hip against the wall on accident and she would have to be rushed to the hospital and stay there for weeks until she got better. Hopefully this won’t happen to my mom, but if it does how is she going to be able to take care of my son?!

Why can’t she just give custody back to me?! I go to school, work 3 jobs online at home, took volunteer parenting classes, completed 12 months probation and was sober for 8 months of that period, AND took anger management classes.

Also I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist regularly and taking my medication for my bi-polar disorder as prescribed. I don’t know…. I’m very furious and frustrated but I guess I’ll have to wait until my expungement goes through for my criminal record and then I’ll be able to fight for custody. As for now, this custody battle is a waiting game until I can file for a compliant against my mother and take her to court.

I can’t even begin to understand how I’m able to cope with all of this especially being the way I am.

But this too shall pass…”

It looks like Jenelle is going through a very hard time right now, and her supporters are hoping it gets better for her in the future.

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