Jenelle Evans is Staying Positive Despite Drama

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is trying her best to stay positive despite all the drama in her life. Recently, Jenelle took to her personal blog, which is located on her official website, to share her feelings with fans.

Here is what Jenelle had to say:

“I have more support then I thought I did. I keep stressing like my life is going to break, but then I realize everything is okay. I’m straightening up my life for the better and happy with it for once. Deleting drama out of my life and friends that don’t deserve a friendship out of me is making my life so much easier to live!

I’m working jobs from home and going to be working outside of home soon after Labor Day weekend. Kieffer has a huge surprise coming up that I’m also very excited about, no it’s not about his tobacco pipes either. Something nobody would ever expect.

As for now, I hope my life keeps running smoothly like this. Moving out very soon and starting a fresh start in a bigger city, starting a job, going to school in the fall. Everything is looking up! 😀

Note To Self: Keep ignoring haters and “friends” that discuss your issues online. They aren’t worth it.”

What do you think about Jenelle’s positive attitude?

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