‘Teen Mom’ Finale Spoiler — Amber Signs [SPOILER]!

The ‘Teen Mom’ finale is shaping up to be the most shocking one yet. Recently, it was reported that there would be a baby bombshell announced, as one of the girls will spill her plans to get pregnant again.

Now, news on Amber’s storyline in the finale is being made public. According to OK! Magazine, Portwood will sign away her parental rights to daughter, Leah.

“In a heartbreaking moment on the finale, Amber will give up her parental rights to Leah permanently,” said an insider. Amber feels it’s too much pressure to raise a baby. She says, ‘I screwed up my own life enough, why screw up someone else’s worse?'”

If this is true, the ‘Teen Mom’ finale will definatley be a tear jerker! So be sure to have the tissues next to you when you watch it!

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