Farrah Speaks Out — Is She Abusing Prescription Meds!?

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is being accused of abusing prescription medication.

Farrah recently admitted to using alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana to numb her pain after boyfriend Derek Underwood’s tragic death, is she now using drugs again?

According to Austin Mathouser, (pictured with Farrah above) who won a recently contest to celebrate Abraham’s 21st birthday with her, the ‘Teen Mom’ went wild during their night out.

“All throughout dinner and the club she talked about how she does Xanax and Adderall to stay up and energized. She frequented the bathroom that whole night taking them to stay up. She got very drunk. She was grabbing on guys and girls, and even hit one guy that didn’t want to dance with her. She got really sloppy and was throwing her drinks around and yelling,” Austin told Radar Online.

Now, Farrah is telling her side of the story.

“These [rumors] are ridiculous, untrue claims. It’s very sad that another mother would make up such stories, especially when I invited her out and treated her like a friend. In return, she was fake and wanted to make money off of hanging out with me. It truly is disgusting and twisted that others bring Sophia and myself into their lies for attention. Sophia is the biggest part of my life and she makes me the happiest. Nothing else matters–I’m focused and I do not have time for drugs or drinking. I’m happy, healthy and safe,” Abraham told Mom Finds.

There you have it – both sides of the story…

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