Farrah Abraham Shockers! What Did She Reveal In Her Book?

Now that ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s book “My Teenage Dream Ended” has been released, fans are getting a glimpse into the somewhat troubled life of the young mom.

Here are a few of the most shocking revelations fans will read in the memoir.

1. Her parent, Debra and Michael, were off and on throughout her childhood — Farrah says her parents were constantly splitting up, and living apart. They currently live in different states.

2. Both of her parents have been arrested — ‘Teen Mom’ fans know that Debra was arrested for assaulting Farrah. However, her father Michael has also been in jail twice for incidents involving Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood.

3. Farrah’s mother made her pregnancy decision for her! — Farrah considered an abortion, but Debra decided for her that she would follow through with her pregnancy, and raise the baby.

4. She lied to MTV — Farrah lied to MTV about where she was going to the network, so that she could attend Derek’s funeral without TV cameras.

5. Farah attended Derek’s funeral alone — Because her parents did not like Derek, Farrah went to the funeral by herself.

6. Farrah used cocaine and alcohol to numb the pain after Derek’s death.

7. Farrah’s father caught her having sex with Derek in their house.

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