Farrah and Daniel’s War of Words

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham recently opened up about her trip to Texas with ex-boyfriend, Daniel, and their break up there.

Farrah says that she was only being her self at dinner with Daniel’s parents, and feels like she did nothing wrong by calling his step-mom a “lone bird” for not having children at age 51.

I was just being me at dinner with Daniel’s parents,” says Farrah. “It seemed that Daniel’s dad was cool, but Daniel and his step mom were not meshing with me that well. I don’t feel saying lone bird was mean. She was over-dramatic and wanted to be negative, so therefore I don’t like how she turned it into a negative.

Farrah also says that she’s looking for a “better” boy than Daniel!

Meanwhile, Daniel says that Farrah was being herself, and that’s not a good thing. “what you see on the show is what you get,” says Daniel. “She believes the world owes her something and treats others accordingly. It’s evident in the fact that she doesn’t have any friends and the ones she does manage to make never last more than a few weeks.”

Ouch! This was a very messy break up!

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