Did Kyle King Cheat on Maci Bookout?

After seeing a clip from the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion, fans are wondering if Kyle King really cheated on Maci Bookout? Well, Kyle is speaking out, and revealing that he did not cheat on Maci. “Did not cheat,” he tweeted to fans asking questions.

So, what really happened? After Maci and Kyle’s big break up in early 2012, Bookout was confronted by a lot of fans wondering why the couple split. Rumors ran wild about Maci having an addiction to sexting. (A rumor that was never confirmed.) However, the ‘Teen Mom’ broke her silence, and revealed that she caught Kyle talking to an ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t Maci and Kyle’s only problem. Bookout also admitted that she was in too big of a rush to get married, and was pressuring Kyle. The ‘Teen Mom’ also revealed that she and King did not communicate well.

Fans of the couple are now glad to hear that Maci Bookout and Kyle King did work through their issues, and are now happily back together.

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