Catelynn Lowell to Adopt Her Little Brother Nick?

‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell and fiancé, Tyler Baltierra to adopt Catelynn’s little brother, Nick? It could happen!

Catelynn says that while her mother, April, is doing well battling her alcohol addiction now, if she slips up again, she’ll try to get custody of her little brother, Nick.

”I would put pillows underneath her head while she was passed out at the table,” Catelynn told In Touch Magazine about her troubled childhood.

“I pretty much saw my mom drunk almost every day. I had to grow up really fast.” Although April claims she is sober now and working on getting her life together, Catelynn is cautious of her mother’s behavior. ”If my mom derails again I will step in and adopt my brother,” the ‘Teen Mom’ revealed.

So, what does Catelynn’s mother, April, think of all this? “It would be a good place for Nick,” April said of her son living with Catelynn. “But it’s not going to happen. My kids are too important to me. I feel bad Catelynn had to grow up around me drinking all the time. She shouldn’t have had to worry about her mom,” April told Radar Online.

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