‘Teen Mom’ Q&A: Are Ryan and Dalis Still Together?

Following the big ‘Teen Mom’ series finale,  fans are wondering if Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards is still with Dalis Connell, the girl Ryan started dating during season 4. Now that it’s been a year since filming, are they still dating?

The answer is yes! Ryan and Dalis are so in love, and often tweet about how much they adore each other. In fact, Ryan and Dalis basically live together. Although Connell is still in college, the couple spend ever spare minute together.

Earlier in 2012, Edwards and Connell did hit a rough patch, and split for a few days. However, they couldn’t stay away from each other, and quickly worked things out.

In fact, Dalis and Maci get along well, and Bookout has recently revealed that she’s thankful to have Dalis in Bentley’s life. Maci also admitted that she hopes Ryan and Dalis end up together, and that she’s rooting for their romance!



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