More Nude Photos of Jenelle Evans Released!

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ former boss, James Duffy, has released some seriously explicit photos of the MTV star and her boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

Duffy took to his Twitter account on Saturday night to show off what he says are his own copyrighted photos of Jenelle and Kieffer.

Duffy posted a very explicit photo of Kieffer getting ready to perform oral sex on another man.

However, Jenelle claimed the picture was photo shopped, and was telling the truth. The picture was actually edited from a former photo of Kieffer opening his mouth next to a frog.

However, that is not the only picture Duffy tweeted. He also revealed another photo of Jenelle completely naked, and lying on a bench.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first naked photo of Jenelle to be posted for all to see. Hopefully, for Jenelle’s sake, she’ll never pose for another intimate photo again!

Duffy has since deleted the explicit photos.

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