Farrah Abraham — Desperate for a ‘Teen Mom’ Spin Off?

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is reportedly desperate for a spin off show of her very own. The MTV star reportedly wants a solo show that revolves around her life as a young, single, mom.

According to OK! Magazine, Abraham is said to be in talks with MTV for her own show, in which fans would get to see more of Farrah, and all that she does. The ‘Teen Mom’ is busy raising daughter, Sophia, working on various projects like music, cooking, and modeling, and of course, trying to find Mr. Right.

When asked if she would do a spin off, Farrah said, “I would say yes to that in a heartbeat.” Meanwhile, an insider says that Farrah will do anything not to have a regular 9-5 job.

“She wants to stay in the entertainment business and has sworn that no matter what, she will never be stuck in a ‘real job.'”

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