Farrah Abraham At Odds With Derek Underwood’s Family Over Book?

Derek Underwood's mother Stormie Clark

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is feuding with her late boyfriend Derek Underwood’s family over comments in her recent book, “My Teenage Dream Ended.”

Farrah and the father of her daughter had a rocky relationship, which involved Farrah’s dad Michael being arrested for altercations with Derek.

In her book, Farrah says that Derek was, at times, thoughtless and immature. The statements did not go over well with Underwood’s family, especially his mother, Stormie Clark, whom Farrah has battled in the past over legal issues involving little Sophia.

“Derek loved Farrah. He would have never laid a hand on her. They argued just like any normal teenage couple, but his is not the person she is portraying him to be,” Stormie said.

According to OK! Magazine, the feud between Farrah and Stormie goes all the way back to when the ‘Teen Mom’ and Derek were dating.

“She and Stormie did not get along, because, according to his mother, Farrah was abusive and  rude to his family,” the source said.

It looks like Farrah Abraham’s feud with Derek Underwood’s family continues to rage on. Hopefully, one day they can put their differences aside for Sophia’s sake.

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