Did MTV Lie About Chelsea Houska’s Labor on ’16 and Pregnant?!’

Fans watched ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska go into labor during school in her episode of ’16 and Pregnant,’ but was it all a lie?

According to fellow ’16 and Pregnant’ star, Nikkole Paulun, Chelsea only had cramps that day, and went home early. Nikkole says that Aubree wasn’t born until the next day.

Nikkole isn’t the only one who claims that MTV misrepresented during episodes of the show. Other ’16 and Pregnant’ stars have spoken out about their episodes as well.

Not to mention, fans have noticed the editing. A lot of times the girls’ hair will be different lengths and colors during various scenes, proving that they don’t show things in chronological order.

Reality TV fans know that networks do this all the time. However, they love the drama it provides on their favorite shows. So, we’ll all keep watching, right?

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