Dalis Responds To All The Maci Drama — We Get Along!

‘Teen Mom’ was full of drama on Tuesday. In fact, Maci Bookout was at the heart of it. Maci posted on her Twitter that it would have been better for Bentley if she and Ryan had stayed together, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.

Meanwhile, Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis, saw the tweet, and was not happy about it. Maci told Kyle that Dalis “flipped out” and her insecurities were causing problems between her and Ryan as Bentley’s parents.

After watching the drama go down, Dalis responded to Maci’s comments on the episode.

“Forgot how over dramatic tonights episode is. A small issue made into a huge deal. I “flipped out”? No, she nor anyone saw my reaction. I asked why she would randomly post something like that & Ryan got mad that she was period.

Discussing something with your boyfriend is not insecurity. It’s what every relationship is. Making something more than it is was ridiculous.. but some people love to try and make others look bad.. all I gotta say is I love my man & we always stick by each other no matter what,” Dalis tweeted.

“We do all get along. This was a year ago,” Dalis added of the episode.

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