Photo of Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Fiance Gary Head Snorting Drugs Surfaces

A photo of ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ former fiance, Gary Head, snorting drugs has surfaced online. According to Radar Online, Jenelle’s ex-roommate, and close friend, Allison Lester, released the photo, along with some disturbing news about the Marine.

A new photo of Gary snorting a white powder was posted on the site, with the allegations that he’s snorting crushed up Percocet pills. However, Head took to his Twitter to reveal that the pills were nothing more than caffeine for energy.

“I’ve been in the Marines for three years and get drug tested regularly, so I don’t know how [snorting Percocet] would even be possible,” he said.

Allison also touched on Head’s violent behavior, which Jenelle previous admitted to “When Gary is in one of his jealous rages, he gets scary insane. I’ve had to call the police several times,” Allison claims, adding that one time “Gary put a loaded gun to [Jenelle’s] head and threatened, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ if she didn’t allow him to look through her phone.”

Those are some pretty heavy allegations, to which Gary denies them all.

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