Kailyn Lowry Talks About Her Future Dream House

‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry has big dreams. She wants to get married, have more babies, and live in her dream home.

So, what’s Kail’s dream home like? According to the MTV star, she wants a ranch style with a yard, and nice landscaping.

“When I own a house someday, it’ll be ranch style- no stairs, electric stove, dishwasher & decent yard with crisp landscaping. #dreamingbig,” the ‘Teen Mom’ tweeted in June.

Lowry is currently dating her boyfriend, Javi, and the couple seem happily in love. Perhaps, Javi is the one who will be living in the dream house with Kail!

It looks like Kailyn is already planning her future. Lets hope it’s a happy one!


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