Nikkole Paulun Opens Up About Past Abuse

’16 and Pregnant’ star Nikkole Paulun recently opened up about past abuse she suffered at the hands of her father.

“You NEVER got to see my dad on camera because he’s an abusive asshole. One night after Lyle was born her BEAT me up & I literally had to jump out my window & hitch a ride to my best friends house to get away,” Nikkole revealed.

“My dad has called me a WH**E, B**CH, and even TOLD ME HE WAS GOING TO KILL ME. My mom thinks that I should get along with him but I don’t think I EVER will,” Paulun added.

It seems like Nikkole has had a hard time dealing with family issues. However, she’s recently gotten a new apartment, and is living out on her own. Fans are wishing Nikkole the best, and glad she’s out of that abusive situation.

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