Lindsey Harrison — I Turned Down ‘Teen Mom 3’

’16 and Pregnant’ star, Lindsey Harrison, whom you may remember as the MMA fighter, recently revealed that she turned down a spot on MTV’s latest spin off, ‘Teen Mom 3.’

So, why would Lindsey pass up a chance at reality tv stardom? According to the young mother, her family, including her baby daddy, hated filming so much that she didn’t want to put them through that again.

“I told MTV no for tm3 get your facts straight,” Harrison told a fan on Twitter. “My family hated filming, mainly forest,” she revealed to Gather about her decision. “It wasn’t worth the home drama. & the stress that goes with it.”

So, it looks like fans won’t be seeing Lindsey on ‘Teen Mom 3.’ Who will we be seeing? It looks like Katie Yeager, Brianna DeJesus, Mackenzie Douthit, and Alex Sekella will round out the cast!

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