Why Does Farrah Call Her Dad Michael?

This is a question that is asked A LOT by ‘Teen Mom’ fans – why does Farrah Abraham call her dad Michael, instead of Dad? Have you ever wondered? Yes, Michael is her real father, but she always calls him by his first name.

Now, your question is answered. Check out what Farrah had to say about the situation below.

“Everyone asks this. I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family. It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad “Dad” sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way,” Farrah told momfinds.com.

So, how does Michael feel about all of this? According to Starcasm, he’s fine with it. “As for her calling me Michael, even though she is my child, she is an adult and she can call me Michael anytime,” he said.

There you have it. Now you know exactly why Farrah calls her father Micheal, instead of dad. What do you think about the situation?

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