Jenelle and Gary’s Latest Drama!

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her fiance Gary Head have split up again. The couple have broken up 3 times in the course of a month. So, what’s going on this time?

Well, this time it seems there is more drama than ever! Jenelley’s former boss, James Duffy, took to Twitter to tell Gary that Jenelle had been cheating on him with Kieffer. He even had a photo of the ‘Teen Mom’ to “prove” his allegations.

Jenelle said that she was just returning some of Kieffer’s items, but Gary needed to get to the bottom of it. The trio went on to argue a bit on Twitter, but things went from bad to worse when Gary showed up at Jenelle’s house wanting his gun and engagement ring.

“Don’t know why u are banging at my door and ringing my doorbell nonstop,” Evans tweeted to Head. “Because you have a gun in my name also with your quarter pound of weed. Sounds like you want to go to jail.” he replied.

Jenelle and Gary’s relationship problems seem to come and go very quickly. One day they are happily in love, the next they’re arguing over guns, drugs, cheating, and jewelry.

UPDATE: It looks like Jenelle and Gary have gotten back together. Jenelle tweeted that they were watching the ‘Teen Mom’ weekend marathon together.

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