‘Teen Mom’ Season Premiere Recap

Episode One:


Maci and Kyle are going strong, but Bentley is becoming a bit of a handful as he grows. Maci realizes that he needs to become more independent before going off to preschool.

So, she sends him to swimming lessons, which he doesn’t really like, and decides to give daycare another try. Thankfully, she has Kyle to help her, and Bentley goes to daycare without any problems.


Amber is getting ready for rehab, but not before arguing with Gary about what he’ll be doing during the time she’s away. Amber also worries that she won’t be able to take her prescription medication while in rehab.


Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Carly’s 2nd birthday with some great news. The couple are going to New York to see Carly, Brandon, and Teresa.

The pair also celebrate the birthday by having a cake on their own, and revealing their wish for the little girl they love so very much.


Farrah tells her parents that she’s taking Sophia with her to Florida. Of course, they are not happy about it. However, she’s confident in her decision.

Second Episode:


Maci and Ryan are still arguing over time spent with Bentley. Ryan reveals that he quit his job and will be going back to school. When Maci and Kyle get into a fight about Ryan picking up Bentley, he leaves and heads back to Nashville.

Maci and Kyle make up, and all is well with them again…for now.


Amber attempts suicide, and Gary calls 911. She goes off to rehab, and opens up about her pain, depression, and anger. Amber says that paid medication helps her cope.

Amber reveals that she’s been abusing pills for some time. Gary agrees to bring Leah to the California rehab, and undergo therapy with Amber, which seems to make her very happy.


Catelynn and Tyler are off to NYC to see Carly, and Catelynn’s mom, April, is being very supportive. The pair see Carly, who looks just like Tyler, but cameras weren’t rolling. However, fans did get to see photos from the reunion.

Catelynn and Tyler have a mini meltdown after saying goodbye to their daughter, because they know they could have been good parents, but stand firm on their decision.


Farrah packs up and is ready for her big move to Florida. Thankfully, her dad, Michael, is there to help! Farrah has some drama with her mom before leaving, and also has to say goodbye to Derek by visiting his grave on what would have been his 21st birthday.

Farrah leaves for Florida to embark on a new life.

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