Maci Sets the Record Straight, Gives Dalis Major Props!

After a little bit of drama on this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom,’ Maci Bookout has decided to set the record straight about her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards relationship with Dalis Connell, and their vacation together.

Maci opened up about going on vacation with Ryan, and his family, during their week with Bentley. “Ryan told me it was a perfectly fine with him for me and my friends to come to the beach, before him and Dalis started seeing each other,” Bookout said.

“I never had a problem with Ryan having a GF, I did have a problem with her coming on a vacation with my son after only dating Ryan for a couple weeks,” Maci added, setting the record straight.

So, what does Maci think of Dalis now? “Dalis handled the entire situation just as i had hoped, and now that a year has passed I’m glad she stuck around and put up with me,” the ‘Teen Mom’ admitted.

There you have it. It seems like Maci approves of Dalis spending time with her son, which is good that there’s no drama between the two girls.

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