Maci Bookout — I Crossed The Line Asking to Go on Vacation With Ryan!

‘Teen Mom’ fans were a little confused about why Maci Bookout would ask to go on her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards’ family vacation during this week’s episode. Of course, it was because she would miss Bentley so much, but were the awkward moments worth it?

On Tuesday during the show, Maci tweeted that she may have crossed the line a little bit by asking to go on the Edwards family vacation, especially since Ryan’s new girlfriend, Dalis, was also coming along.

“Yes I may have slightly been crossing the line going on that trip…but I did it anyways and I’m so glad I did,” she wrote.

However, it seems that Maci learned her lesson, because this year during Ryan’s family vacation with Bentley, the ‘Teen Mom’ took her own vacation, and spent the entire week away from her son. Although she missed him so much, it was probably for the best, right?

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