Maci Bookout Drunk Photo Posted on Twitter

Maci Bookout is known as the ‘Teen Mom’ golden girl. In fact, she’s the favorite among most fans, and probably the most popular.

Maci dedicates her life to her son, Bentley, college, and educating young women about relationships, safe sex, and teen pregnancy.

However, once in a while Maci likes to let loose. This week one of Maci’s friends tweeted a photo of the ‘Teen Mom’ so drunk she couldn’t even walk up the stairs.

Immediately fans had a lot to say about this. A lot of her Twitter followers began to criticize the MTV star, who doesn’t turn 21 until August.  Some fans believe that this does not set the best example for the girls she’s trying to make an impression on.

However, other fans see no problem with the partying. Almost all young people party and cut loose, and some think Maci would be a blast to hang out with.

Do you think photos like these should be posted online for all to see?


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