Another Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Rumor Hits News Stands

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans just can’t shake those pesky pregnancy rumors. They keep popping up everywhere.

The most recent one appears in the latest edition of Reality Weekly Magazine, which is known for bashing the ‘Teen Mom’ stars.

According to the mag, Jenelle is pregnant, and wants her very own show to go along with it.

“Jenelle thinks she wants another baby, but what she really wants it more fame, attention and money! She’s dying for her own show and baby No. 2 would be reality-show gold,” said one “insider.”

Of course, fans who follow Jenelle’s updates on Twitter know that the reality star is not pregnant.

In fact, she’s recently lost weight that she put on due to her surgery and stress. Now, she’s rocking her bikini body all over North Carolina.

In fact, on Wednesday, Jenelle revealed that she was getting her birth control implant changed, and encouraged other young women to look into her form of birth control, being an advocate for safe sex.

It looks like this is just more tabloid gossip, with not much truth to it.

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