Gary Gets Physical With Jenelle — Again!

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans and her former fiance, Gary Head, have had a very rocky relationship that includes multiple break-ups and make-ups. However, over the weekend things went from bad to worse.

Both Jenelle and Gary were arrested. Gary for the assault, and Jenelle for possession. Now, new details have emerged about the argument that lead to their incarceration.

“Gary beat the sh*t out of Jenelle,” a friend of Jenelle’s told RadarOnline. “He strangled her with a bed sheet.” Jenelle is “really shook up,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Jenelle and Gary are both out of jail and Jenelle is speaking out about what happened.

“I left him because he was caught cheating. He did something to me that was physical and traumatizing. I’m just so grateful Jace wasn’t there. Went to the hospital yesterday for my injuries. Thank God I’m fine. New chapter as opened in my life and I’m pretty excited,” Jenelle said.

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