Jenelle and Gary — Back On!

It’s hard to keep up with ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans love life. However, after calling off her engagement to boyfriend, Gary Head, it seems the couple are now back on. Jenelle is still wearing her engagement ring, although it’s now on her middle finger.

As far as fans go, there seem to be two different sides. Those get annoyed by the drama that Jenelle and Gary seem to always find themselves in, and those who look at it from a different perspective.

Some fans say that their relationship is never boring, and the two are obviously passionate about each other.

Depending on what side you take, Evans and Head are either madly in love, or their relationship is doomed. Only time will tell, but Jenelle is capable of making her own decisions.

Whether you love Jenelle, or hate her, you have to admit that she’s out there living her life, and isn’t afraid to fall in love, whether fans approve of her choices, or not.

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