Jenelle and Gary Yo-Yo Again!

Another break up for Jenelle and Gary! (Twitter)

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ love life is pretty crazy. The MTV star and her fiance Gary Head after split again, for about the 4th time since getting engaged in May.

This time Gary says he packed his bags and left Jenelle, calling her “crazy,” but not before the cops were called on him.

It seems when Gary tried to get his engagement ring from Jenelle back, the police were called. However, Head says he did get the ring back.

But don’t worry fans of the pair! They’ve already gotten back together. However, Jenelle is still focused on getting custody of her son, Jace, back.

“I just need to focus on getting my son back before he’s old enough to realize what’s going on,” Evans told her friend, Allison, via text message.

Hopefully, all this drama doesn’t hurt Jenelle’s future custody case.




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