Gary Shirley Clears Up Rumors!

‘Teen Mom’ star Gary Shirley took to his Twitter account to clear up some lingering rumors about himself, his daughter, Leah, and his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood. Here’s what he had to say…

Is Gary dating anyone?

“[I’m] not in any relationship. I’m Single. A girl has to be very damn special after everything I’ve experienced for me to be with her,” Shirley said of his relationship status.

Is ‘Teen Mom’ real, or scripted?

“I get asked was the show real? Yes it is, obviously. I mean Amber’s in trouble. That’s not fake. Shows real. Hope someone learns from it.”

Did he really spend $5,000 in one night at the strip club?

“Pics of me with [the] strippers were real, but story was false. [I] had a guys trip did not spend $5,000. In fact, I didn’t spend a dime,” Gary said.

There you have it. A little rumor fix from Mr. Gary Shirley himself. Now you know the truth.

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