What We’ll Miss About ‘Teen Mom’ — Farrah’s Ambition

‘Teen Mom’ is coming to an end. The original girls will be saying goodbye after five long years of MTV documenting their struggles as a young parent.

So, what will fans miss? One of the things we’ll miss seeing on our TV screens is definitely Farrah Abraham’s ambition. Although she hasn’t always been the perfect parent, (Who is?) she has always been very driven to make something out of her life.

In addition to being a mom, college student, model, reality TV star, and cook, Farrah moved to Florida with her daughter, Sophia, on her own.

She’s always been very independent and brave about taking risks in her life. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind, and set goals for her future.

So, whether you’re a fan of Farrah, or not, this girl deserves some serious props for working hard to achieve her goals!

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