Farrah Abraham Wants to Be a Big Star!?

Farrah Abraham has some big post ‘Teen Mom’ plans, according to gossip mag, Reality Weekly.

The mag’s sources claims that Farrah is ready for the big time, and to move beyond her ‘Teen Mom’ fame, on to bigger and better things.

“She idolizes Angelina and would love to be a dramatic actress, so she’ll try to reach that goal. She could really see herself following in Maria [Menounous’] footsteps.”

So, Farrah wants to host ‘Extra’ and appear on ‘Dancing With The Stars?’ Only time will tell, but Abraham does have her foot in the door on a lot of different projects.

She’s a model, author, chef, and has her own line of products, like clothing and condiments. We might be seeing big things from Farrah in the near future.

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