Catelynn Lowell’s Mom Sold Fake Pregnancy Story to Magazine!

It looks like ‘Teen Mom’ star Catelynn Lowell’s mother, April Baltierra is to blame for the fake pregnancy story hitting the cover of magazines and online websites.

Catelynn and Tyler have revealed that they are not pregnant, and that April made up the story. (Probably selling it for money.)

“I want to set the record straight. I’m not pregnant,” Catelynn tells In Touch in a new interview. “My mom lied.” Earlier this month,Catelynn’s mom, April, arranged for a former childhood friend of Lowell’s named Jamie to do the an  about Catelynn’s alleged pregnancy.

According to Starcasm, April even sent documents of a pregnancy from a local doctor, claiming she had gotten it from Catelynn.

“I love my mom, but it’s frustrating,” Catelynn revealed. Catelynn’s fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, adds, “We feel violated. I’m shocked that she would go to this length. It just crosses the line.”

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