Corey Simms Is Ready For Love!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Corey Simms, is ready to move on to his next relationship. The father of Leah Messer’s twin girls says his is “wants a girlfriend” but that his “girlfriend check list is crazy.”

Sorry fans, Corey says he won’t “spill the list” because it is “embarrassing!”

So, it looks like Corey is in the market for a lady. What kind of girl should Mr. Simms date? Well, his next girlfriend needs to love kids, and accept the fact that he’s a dad to 2 beautiful girls.

Also, having a good relationship with Leah wouldn’t hurt, since she and Corey will always be in each others lives. Corey also loves to do things outdoors, like fish. So, his future love shouldn’t mind things like that.

What do you think? Will Corey Simms find his next lady love in the near future?

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