Details! ‘Teen Mom’ Girls Secrets Exposed

So, fans have all heard about the ‘Teen Mom’ tell all book that is supposed to expose all the girls darkest secrets, right? If you haven’t you need to catch up!

Now, the details about what will be in the book have come forward, and they aren’t pretty. While some are semi-believable, others seem like a far stretch from the truth. REMEMBER – These are just rumors, and none of it has been confirmed! Here’s the latest gossip…

Maci Bookout – According to the report Maci will be exposed as a wild girl, and nothing like she’s portrayed on TV. “Maci always plays like she’s this sweet innocent, but the truth is she’s one of the most selfish, manipulative girls around,” a source told Reality Weekly.

Farrah Abraham – According to unauthorized book, Farrah is a “gold digger” who finds rich guys online. “At one point, she was meeting rich older guys and getting them to take her shopping and buy her expensive gifts,” claims the insider.

Amber Portwood – The claims against Amber are that she had a hard time in prison. “She was dealing with all these lesbian advances. There was one woman who was obsessed with her. She was also getting death threats, and people trying to put glass in her food.”

Catelynn Lowell – What bad could be said about Catelynn, right? Well, of course, they had to find something! The tell all is allegedly set to reveal Catelynn’s battle with eating disorders. “There are rumors going around that she had anorexia and bulimia,” the source revealed.

Leah Messer – Leah has been staying out of the spotlight lately, but is rumored to be worried that her “dark secrets about alcohol and sex” will come out. “She’s done some things she’s not proud of that no one knows about,” the gossiper implies.

Chelsea Houska – Yes, there is even “dirt” on Chelsea if you believe it. The magazine claims that she’s finally over Adam, but that she’s dealing with other demons. “Chelsea is really nervous because she knows that book is going to delve into her drinking and prescription drug abuse.”

Jenelle Evans – RW reports that Jenelle is desperate for love, and that she actually wanted to marry Kieffer Delp, but he rejected her. So, when Kieffer left, she “settled” for current fiance, Gary Head. The tabloid claims the couple sealed the deal by having “non stop sex for a week.”

Kailyn Lowry – Lucky for Kail she doesn’t have to deal with any of the ridiculous rumors this week! The magazine’s source makes no mention of her, although I was sure they’d fabricate something having to do with an STD after the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion.

Do you believe any of these claims?

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